Clue – Disney Villains

Clue Disney Villains Edition

I've made tons of Clue board game variations for the guys at Hasbro, but this one stood out as I got to re-visit all of the classic Disney cartoons from the good old days to try to adapt them to the Clue game board. It contains locations from Cinderella's chateau, Dr Facilliers Voodo Emporium, Elephant graveyard, Gaston Tavern, Hades Underworld, Jafar's Cave of Wonders, Malefficient's Lair, Rapunzel's tower, Ursulas Lair.

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Malefficient's lair

Cinderella's Chateau

Dr Facilliers Voodo Emporium

Elephant graveyard

Gaston tavern

Hades underworld

Jafar's Cave of Wonders

Rapunzel's tower

Ursula's lair

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