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    Zzap! Retrogaming magazine Italia did a review of our #C64 game Rogue64! Finally received in in the mail. It is in italian, but from a dodgy Google lens-translation and the excellent score (90%!) it seems they love the game. Thank you @zzapitalia!

    #retrogaming #indiedev #rogue64


    Oh, look at that! Another magazine with a lovely Rogue64 review! Thanks @KAplusmagazine!

    It's amazing how many mags have reviewed our game now ❤️❤️🕹️

    I saw this in the awesome C64 Round Up May by @RetroGamerNatn:

    #C64 #commodore64 #RETROGAMING

    Happy Star Wars day! <3

    #starwars #MayThe4th #x-wing #boardgame #tabletopgame #geek #boardgameart #boardgamegeek #disney

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    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Happy Star Wars day! <3
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    «Under the Goondocks», an expansion to «Never Say Die», the Goonies board game from Funko Games is available now! 😀

    It was incredible to be a small part of adding to the story we all know and love from the classic 80’s movie ❤