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    So our treadmill died early December, so I went out immediately to get a new much better one in the middle of a blizzard. Had to hire a moving company to bring it down into our gym, as it's massive.

    Then I found out that the old one was just fine, the power cord had fallen out!

    It has been 1 year since the release of Rogue64 on Jan 15th, 2022!

    What a ride. Loads of great reviews and lovely feedback, which is heart warming and motivating!

    Here are a few tips if you haven't yet completed the game:

    #c64 #roguelike #indiegames

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    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Here are some close-up details of the Kickstarter exclusive box sleeve I got to create for «Jurassic World - The Legacy of Isla Nublar», a board game from Funko Games / Prospero Hall.

    You can see the actual game box through the die-cut claw slashes on the side of the box, which is really cool.

    It was an interesting process where I started off by modelling the entire box in highpoly 3D, then bash it up properly, UW-unwrap up, run it through Substance Painter to add some nice physical materials, dirt, scratches and edge wear. Then lit and rendered from all angles at 45 degree intervals through 3D Studio Max before assembling all these render pieces manually in Photoshop. Then countless hours painting over and making sure it looks as natural and organically painted as possible.

    And hey… Getting to work on the Jurassic Park franchise was great!

    The game can be found here:
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Henning Ludvigsen ART
    Got the incredible opportunity to work with Hasbro's Clue team on the new version of Clue Classic! This is probably one of my most important gigs to date, and something I'm extremely proud of contributing to ❤

    Together with the team I got to re-design the entire mansion, create the game board, card illustrations, box build-up inlay assets, and even do the the final passes and tweaks to the box cover illustration and characters!