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"Thoughtful survival-based mechanics paired with some deeply unsettling Lovecraftian horror make Moons of Madness a must-have for fans of scary video games."

9/10 from @thedigitalfix! Thank you for the high praise!

Thank you for the great write-up @kotaku, we appreciate it!

"If this is what’s actually waiting for us on Mars, maybe we should try our best to fix the problems on Earth before committing to a backup plan."

We set up a Pixelbrush Discord! Join in just to hang, share art, art tips, and talk about everything artsy and geeky! We’re super laid back and friendly.

"The best horror game of 2020. You will be instantly sucked into its world and repulsed by the horrors it hides. I cannot recommend it enough if you’d like to stare into the void and feel it hungrily stare back."

Thank you #houstonpress!

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Henning Ludvigsen ART
Henning Ludvigsen ART
I have been working on a new site over the past few months! I'm still adding content, as I've got a couple of decades of work that I have to go through, which takes time... The design will also keep being updated :-)

My plan is to keep updating my portfolio, and also add interesting work in progress states of my board game and illustration projects.

I have also added an articles page, which currently only contains older tutorials, but will be added with super nerdy content; from retro arcades and console reviews and also art related stuff.

Please take a look at its current state, and please stay indoors and stay safe during these proving times! <3
Henning Ludvigsen ART
Henning Ludvigsen ART
Happy #FolkloreFriday everyone! ⛵🌈⛵As you're cruising into the weekend...If you're ever looking for fan made resources and some of our downloadables, there is a great list on BGG and also one on our website. Hope you enjoy!
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