Big trouble in little China – The Game

Big trouble in little China - The Game

This is a massive 2-sided board game from Everything Epic, based on the classic 80's movie; Big Trouble in Little China.

More information can be found here! 

Board front side

Board back side

Close-up: Bank

Close-up: fish market

Close-up: Park and sewers

Close-up: Dragon of the Black Pool

Close-up: Gracie's apartment

Close-up: Egg Foo Young Tours

Close-up: Back Alleys and sewers

Close-up: Bar and White Tiger

Close-up: Wing Kong Trading

Close-up: Arcade

Close-up: Lo Pan's basement 1

Close-up: Lo Pan's basement 2

Close-up: Lo Pan's office 1

Close-up: Lo Pan's office 2

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