Bloodborne: The Board Game – Byrgenwerth expansion

Bloodborne: The Board game - Byrgenwerth expansion

This was a massive project given to me from the amazing team over at CMON. Being a fan of the game, it was quite a challenge to make the environments seem familiar to the original computer game despite the completely different camera view. It comes with a huge amount of expansions (Forbidden Woods, Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, Chalice Dungeon, and Hunder's Dream). The project took me many months to complete, and was one of my favorite projects to contribute to.

Here are some previews and close-ups of the tiles made for Byrgenwerth expansion tiles.

More information can be found here! 

Byrgenwerth tiles

Byrgenwerth closeup 1

Byrgenwerth closeup 2

Byrgenwerth closeup 3

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