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Tutorial – Painting gold

Painting gold When working digitally there are plenty of shortcuts as how to make things look like metal, and I believe it’s a good thing to avoid using custom made filters and still try to find a simple solution on how to do this from scratch on your own. Start off by outlining the object and add an in-between medium dark base colour so that you can easily add shadows and high lights out from this base. The next step […]

Tutorial – Final refinements

Final refinements Achieve a professional finish to your art by adding a couple of simple tweaks at the end of your workflow. (C) Henning Ludvigsen We all strive for perfection in our art, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to achieve that very special expression we’re aiming for. Sometimes it doesn’t need much to achieve a professional look to your artg; you simply need to know what to do to get there. It’s very easy to label […]