Tutorial – Painting puddles

Painting puddles

Puddles, rain, and stormy weather makes up for autumn. Puddles on the ground doesn’t have to be hard to paint as long as you simplify the reflection a bit.
First, break up the most important features with lines (or do it in your head), to make sure the perspective lines in the reflection continues towards the same vanishing point as the original. This means that you will see the reflection image from a different angle than the original elements (unless you’re on the exact same level as the reflective surface).

(C) Andreas Rocha

Andreas Rocha shows how to pull off stormy autumn weather with dramatic clouds, rain, and puddles on the street in this painting. Make a note of how how the reflections have been simplified, only hinting the most characteristic elements with the highest contrast, and how he has added ripples in the reflections to identify the surfaces of the puddles, also making it more realistic looking.

(C) B-Reel SciFi Channel


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